The Great Career Switch

Do It Your Way (Photo by Rommel Davila, Unsplash)

Why Now?

With the Covid pandemic easing and restrictions here in the UK being lifted (for now at least — who knows what the future will hold?!) the employees who have ‘hung on in there’ in a role they have not enjoyed but felt they needed in order to ride out Covid-19, are now feeling confident in a more buoyant job market.

Is it time for a company culture change? Photo by Ross Findon (Unspslash)

What do workers want?

This is, obviously, going to be individual for each person, however, based on the below complaints which I hear time and again from my clients, I have a few top hunches.

  • A full package of benefits — free fruit and beers on a Friday is great but how about dental care plans, health insurance for family members, annual flu jabs? Look after your people and they will look after you by taking less sick days, working proactively and being present.
  • Higher salaries — let’s not beat around the bush folks — this has always been the case and is even more so now with the costs of living rising rapidly. In many cases employees may well be forced to move to a new role as they simply will not be able to afford to continue to work on such low wages.
  • Flexible working — forced working from home proved that, even though it may not be ideal in the long run, allowing employees to have more autonomy over their working hours gives them more freedom, control and responsibility. Having even just one day a week WFH can improve a worker’s lifework balance (and yes it is LIFEwork balance — life comes first) as they don’t face a long commute, can concentrate on detailed tasks etc. For many employees they will want to be with their work tribe for at least part of the week and for several they will need that structure of office life. At least give them a choice.
  • Learning & Development — I’ve spoken above about a progression plan — this point is about how you can enable upskilling amongst your workforce, where you can uncover their hidden talents and strengths, identify the future leaders and influencers in your company as well as instil a strong company culture through your L&D programmes. Not only does this make work fulfilling for employees, it also proves to them that they are valuable as you are willing to invest in them.
  • Support their wellbeing — I know, I know — I bang on about this a LOT, but a huge number of workers are looking for new roles because they are bunt out or are very close to it. By ensuring you have a strong focus on employee’s work wellbeing through career coaches, wellness talks, workshops, access to occupational health specialists, Employee Assistance Programmes which offer a full service, or on demand counselling then your teams will undoubtedly remain with you — when they have having a tough time and when the company is as well.

Your Next Steps

If you are reading this and wanting to apply it to your business or for the employees who work for you then start by having conversations with each and every one of them.

  1. Support internal moves to ensure everyone is in the right role for them.
  2. Being crystal clear and consistent with your communication to your teams.
  3. Create a company culture which everyone agrees with and buys into — mission statements and visions are fantastic — but you have to live it every day.
  4. Highlight the purpose and value of each role (and therefore each employee) within your organisation. This is the number one reason why so many people come to me — they feel that what they do has no purpose. Help them find it to keep them with you.



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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.