Planning on planning for next year? Do it now!

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How can you make a rock-solid annual plan?

First things first — ensure you have time at your disposal — however you decide to do this you cannot be rushed so not 10 minutes here or there but, depending on how much you have to plan and how detailed you want it to be, several hours or a whole morning or afternoon to get started.

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  • How will it improve my life?
  • What is the ideal scenario I want to reach?
  • Where do I want to be in 12 months’ time?
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Avoid Overwhelm

By now, you will have added several dates and details to your plan — nice work. It’s time to review it all to ensure it is manageable. When we plan, we often get super excited and think we can take on much more than what we are capable of — and of course life has a sneaky tendency to get in the way.

  • If I don’t do this at the given time, where will I be in a year’s time?
  • How much will doing this move me forwards?
Photo courtesy of Brett Garwood, Unsplash

Key Takeaways

1. Choose just ONE goal / ambition to plan for and work on at a time.



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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.