Make Your Impact @ Work: Be Seen

  • Being spoken over in meetings — or not even given the chance to speak up
  • Fear of challenging the ‘norm’
  • Having their idea taken as someone else’s and therefore losing the credit for it
  • Realisation of distinct favouritism
  • Feeling invisible especially when it comes to promotions and pay rises
  • Recognising the need to be a certain ‘type’ of person in order to fit in

Being Your True Self

  • Weekly ‘keep you in the loop’ emails to highlight all you have done and what you plan to do.
  • 1 to 1’s with you line manager — these are crucial (especially as the majority of us continue to work from home and remote working looks set to become widespread)
  • Team meeting updates — here you can share the load with colleague and agree to give each other praise so that everyone’s is being recognised — work karma!
  • Write an internal blog or liaise with your marketing department to see if you can write regular pieces for social media channels such as LinkedIn or the company website.

Push Yourself

  • Take a lead on certain projects or initiatives
  • Mentor a junior colleague before you start managing them
  • Find suitable training and make a business case to request this
  • Ask to shadow on certain pieces of work
  • Request more challenging work
  • Network within your organisation to ask others for their advice, especially if they have done what you wish to do
  • Pay it back and help others out too — a simple LinkedIn recommendation can go a long way for a colleague.
  • Create an in-house networking or mastermind group to share learning, give and take advice & guidance and to highlight what you have done and are working on

Get Others Onboard

Really Stand Out

  • Be the calm in the storm — no-one needs extra drama or noise in a work crisis so think before immediately chiming in and allow your words to have resonance.
  • Challenge when you need to not just for the sake of being heard and noticed. Again -consider and plan how you want to approach this as you may have to create a strong business case to do so.
  • Be the positive and solution focused team member by finding the win-win and working to deliver it rather than constantly complaining of problems and issues.
  • Accept praise and thanks graciously but also ask how you want it to be given. A client of mine was up for a work award and feared having to make a public speech so asked his department head if he record this rather than do it live. He created a fantastic video which the entire organisation loved and allowed him to say thanks as well as show off his creative skills — win-win.
  • Be present in meetings — especially as we are working remotely — by switching your camera on, really listening to what is being said and following up afterwards with questions or comments if you feel uncomfortable asking in the moment.




Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.

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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.

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