Is National Sickie Day a thing?

  • cold
  • flu

Why am I calling this a danger?

Well — often employees use these reasons to take sick days but they are not telling their employers the real reason. In a recent poll over 1000 employees said that their real reasons were:

  • poor mental health
  • just not feeling like it

This was me

In a previous career I hit my ‘rock bottom’ with burn out and lived in fear of losing my job despite struggling to even get up in the morning to go there.

I panicked

Despite him handling it well (albeit a bit too late in the day for me) I panicked and didn’t say what was fully happening. I lied and said I had got it under control.

What can businesses do?

So much! The following are the obvious pitfalls I come across when working with organisations on how to improve their workplace wellbeing offerings to their team — see if any resonate for you and where you work:

Shout Out Some More

Many organisations offer fantastic wellbeing support, however, often employees don’t know much about it or how to access it.

Get Some

Perhaps you don’t have much to shout out about. If not then it is high time your company looked at what it should offer your people. At the very least health insurance and an employee assistant programme will offer reassurance and support to employees.

Give Some

More and more businesses are offering additional leave to sick days such as Recovery Days after a particularly stressful time or Mental Health Days to help employees who may be coping with poor mental health or (like me) just need to take some time to re-set.

Lose Some

Judgement. Gossip. Stigma. We all know that creating an inclusive and accepting work culture starts from the top down and we’ve all come across leaders who appear to extol the virtues of their stigma-free workplace but will say the most un-PC things imaginable.

Final Thoughts

Even with National Sickie Day no longer being National Sickie Day we are still facing rising absenteeism. Yes this affects business, how people work and the bottom line, however, this is more than that, this is about how organisations can look after their people — because that is what are talking about here — people, managers, colleagues, humans. Let’s be good ones.



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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.