Design Your Year: Your Goals

  • Meditate every day — right after the yoga
  • Only have ‘treat food’ at the weekends
  • Write a gratitude journal
  • Plan every week in advance
  • Floss every evening (apologies to my dentist)
  • Walk every morning
  • Learn to drive and pass my test
  • Learn Spanish
  • Sing on my own — in front of an audience
  • Leave my job
Photo by Jukan Tateisi (Unsplash)

The first step

What is the overall outcome you want? What is the benefit and reward you want to reap? What will make your year awesome?

Look back to learn

If this was also your goal or resolution last year — have a think about what worked and what didn’t work so well — what have you learnt which you can now take into this year to improve even more?

You & Your Values

Are your goals in line with your values?

  • Work: colleague, leader, boss
  • Health: mental, physical, emotional
  • Hobbies: social, your own time
Photo by Patrick Perkins (Unsplash)

Break it down

As we have set a date for which you will accomplish your goals we can now break these beasts down into steppingstones.

What, if anything, is missing?

Add it in, tweak away and ask for help when you need it.



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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.