Design Your Year: Taking Action

Photo by Jakob Owens (Unsplash)

You have to start somewhere

And that’s the point — often by just starting something whether it’s a new project, taking that box of unwanted stuff to the charity shop, going for that walk, emailing your boss to say you want to talk about your progression — we can diminish the worry, the fear and halt the faffing in it’s tracks.

Key Questions

Clients of mine often don’t know where to start — the old adage of not being able to see the wood for the trees often crops up so we work together to gain clarity on what they could do, what they definitely will not do and what they ultimately will do.

  1. What would be a quick win — something you can do in 24 hours or less and see the benefit of?
  2. What action would bring about the biggest change or propulsion towards your goal?
  3. What would be the hardest step and how can you make it easier?
  4. Who can help you? When can you ask them? Don’t forget to say “please”



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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop

Kate is a renowned career strategist, confidence guru & coach on a mission to make everyone’s Mondays feel as good as Fridays.