Are You Still Working ‘Healthily’ From Home?

Creating Your Healthy Working Foundations

This is the one I have struggled to stick to the most since going fully freelance.

  • How does my ideal time of working fit with the business demands? Yes I work around my coaching clients’ needs and requests, however, wherever possible I encourage morning or early afternoon coaching sessions. I rarely agree to evening sessions. Now this obviously depends on your role and the type of work you are doing. With so many organisations having teams globally you may find you are working some odd hours. This may be fine now & then but I knew of one IT engineer regularly waking up at 3am to help employees in Sa different country — that is not sustainable. If you are concerned then speak up and work to find solutions so no-one is having to work at the detriment of their rest, sleep and ultimately their health.
  • What daily, healthy routine serves you best? Humans are creatures of habit, we may not like to admit it but we love a regular routine as it means we don’t have to spend precious energy on thinking and making decisions. That being said, every evening for the past month and half I have said to myself — tomorrow I will get up at 6am to work out, meditate, brain train, read some articles before breakfast. And every day I lie in bed saying — “nah”
  • What’s stopping me? Ahh — here is where I can come up with a multitude of ‘reasons’, however, when I scrutinise them they are merely poor excuses. Laziness and my inner devil voice of temptation are stopping me. Here it is plain ol’ grit & determination to get going or even a reward at the end of the week for sticking to those times.
  • What will get you back on track? I think it’s really important to state here not to blame yourself or emotionally beat yourself up around this. We have set backs (like a global pandemic!) and we have off days. So firstly — accept that this is happening without guilt or shame. Then work on it. What’s causing this? Do you need a proper rest with time off? If you are struggling to get up & get going like me — go for it in baby steps so try setting the alarm 15 mins earlier rather than an hour earlier. Consider rewarding yourself for a week of consistency whether that’s starting or finishing work at certain times. Get accountable — a friend or colleague can really help here as can a coach. Some of my clients give me end of day and end of week ‘reports’ so they are held to account knowing I will chase them if it is not sent.

Enhancing Your Ideal Working Environment

Everyone is different with this one so really think about what helps you work to the best of your ability. A few elements to consider

  • Light — I mentioned the importance of natural light in my article last week — The Great Return — wherever you are working from in your home please do ensure you have as much natural light as much as possible.
  • Don’t work in your bedroom. I know for so many people this is a necessary evil as they have no-where else to work from. But it can be incredibly detrimental on your sleep and therefore your health. Our bedrooms are for sleep and sexy times only, if we start working or watching things or even reading our brains begin to associate our beds and bedrooms with other activities making it incredibly hard to fully switch off and get a solid night’s sleep. If you are struggling to sleep then have a read of my article to Switch off to Sleep.
  • Desk set up and posture — it’s worth investing in an office chair which offers you the best support as well as taking a DSE test to make sure you are sat or stood correctly. Your neck, shoulders, back, hips — basically your entire body will thank you.
  • How hot are you? Now don’t get any ideas! (I’m sure you look fabulous) However, this is about your room temperature — too hot and you will begin to lose concentration and feel somnolent, too cold and you may find muscles tightening up, your wonderfully corrected posture going to pot and suffering all sorts of aches & pains.
  • Get some nature involved. Preferably a scene you can look out on out of the window, or plants on and around your desk. I’m not the best at keeping house plants alive but I have one gorgeous cactus that is refusing to die and cheers me up. He’s called Charlie by the way. Get more tips on how to Bring Nature Into Your Work.
  • What distracts you? This can range from your children, your pets your house mates, your family members, social media, instant messenger, incoming emails, outside noise such as next door’s builders — whatever is within your control try to minimise these as much as possible. Whether it’s a ‘do not disturb’ hour or two, closing down email and Slack, muting all pings etc. These all disrupt our working flow as they are our avoidance strategies. Want to learn more about these and procrastination? Look no further: Prevent Procrastination in 6 Easy Steps.

Establishing your Working Rhythm & Flow

If you are still struggling to get into a work flow then these following techniques may well be the ‘way in’

  • If you feel that you have far too much on or that you are drowning in tasks and ‘to do’ lists then try the 1–3–5 rule. Select 1 major task, 3 medium tasks and 5 small chores to do in one day. Start with the beast then move down the list with the three middling to do’s ending with the 5 simple tasks.
  • I’ve written about the Pomodoro Technique before and most people have heard of it — but have you given a proper try? I hadn’t for ages until I was really stuck with a project involving multiple spreadsheets (literally my living hell) The Pomodoro Technique was my saviour as the short 20 minute bursts of work focused my mind to get on with it. Learn how here.
  • Take 2 mins to celebrate a win or commiserate about a mistake. But that’s it. Not more than 2 minutes of self-congratulations and no more than 120 seconds of beating yourself up.

Your Wind Down

The biggest issue and concern clients who work form home come to me with is the difficulty they have in switching off from work at the end of the day or week.

  • Reflect on your day by asking yourself a few questions — pick 3 per day:
  1. What is one learning you have taken from today?
  2. What one kind thing did you do for someone today?
  3. What kind thing that was done for you?
  4. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
  5. Identify one goal for tomorrow.
  • Create an evening wind down routine — a walk, stretch, exercise class, reading, cooking — whatever it may be do it consistently and preferably not involving a screen.
  • Now this last one may sound a bit odd but to truly get of work mode consider changing your clothes, the music you had on, move to a different area of your home. You are telling your brain that work is over so everything associated with work needs to disappear until the next working day. Several of my clients now do a ‘pretend’ commute to and from work — a walk or bike ride to help getting in and out of work mode.



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Kate Bishop

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